Thoughts on looking for a job

After having yet another interview today, I think about how much harder it is to find a job than I thought it would be. I have experience.  I have a Masters. I have good references.  I know what I am doing…

So, why can’t I find someone to hire me?  Is it because they want more experience? More education? Or is the economy that bad?

I have probably applied to over 50 jobs all over the east coast.  From Maine to North Carolina and out to Chicago. I have had 5 interviews.  Two jobs looked very promising (one told me off handedly that I would be offered a position they just weren’t sure which one).  Yet nothing. I have applied for things I am not even that interested in as a forever job just for something… for more experience.

I usually use two websites to find jobs- and  I am looking for a non-profit job and these two have the biggest database of these type of jobs.   I have had no luck on CareerBuilder or monster.

And I guess it could be worse.  I could have no money coming in.  I do still have a TAing job through my school.  I get $23 a week.  Woohoo.  I keep hoping something will appear.


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