Fleece tie pet bed

I found this bundle of fleece in the basement a week ago. I bought it about 6 years ago with high hopes of making a cool blanket of an outside scene. Of course it never happened.

Anyway, it sat on the chair in the dinning room for about a day before my cat, Bandit, knocked it off and pulled it out of the bag to lay on it. It was her new favorite spot. She is a funny cat.


I have this old pillow that I hate. My neck hurts thinking about it. So light bulb! Make a pet bed out of the fleece!



It took me a lot longer than I thought, I totally cut it wrong oops, and had to fix it as I was tying. Do not recommend! Place pillow in the middle, on top of the fleece pieces. Cut a square at the 4 corners. Make sure you cut up to the pillow, unlike me who thought I needed more fleece to cover the pillow. However it stretches.


Here it is in it’s new home and of course the cat won’t go near it. What is it about babies and playing with the boxes their toys come in over the toys?
I walked away.
When I come back, she has her front paws on it. Fine, whatever, she’s not ready to use it yet I guess.



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