DIY: Having a successful Yard Sale means getting rid of your stuff.

When people think about yard sales now-a-days, they think about those shows on A&E and such.  How much money can you make?

Yes, maybe you do have something in your house that is a cash treasure, but for the most part your junk isn’t worth as much as you think or hope.

Of course, when I think of yard sales, I think of my family.  Saturdays growing up meant hours in the car, getting brownies for breakfast, and car sickness. My father is still the yard sale king and has almost made a side business out of it.

Let’s face it, everyone is looking for a deal. You really should not expect to make your money back on an item, or even half of it.  I think if you do expect this, you will only be disappointed in the end.

<br>After having two yard sales this month, in two separate neighborhoods, I have some tips.

  1. Place free ads on craigslist and
  2. Make sure to use key words in your ad of stuff you have: tools, jewelry, lawnmowers, furniture…
  3. Either have everything marked, or clearly have prices in places.  I had 3 tables for my stuff: 25 cent, 50 cent, and $1 tables.  Everything on these tables was that price, I made large signs.  If you do this, you will need to watch the tables a little more, since people may try to be dishonest and sometimes things get moved.
  4. For easy calculating, I don’t use 75 cents.  For whatever reason I have trouble with it.
  5. Clearly have signs pointing to your house.  I saw an idea of using a brown paper bag with rocks in it for signs where there may not be a place to hang.  I like this idea, but have not had a chance to use it.
  6. DO NOT be wishy washy with prices.  Know what you want and how low you are willing to go.
  7. Don’t get mad when people offer less, remember your stuff doesn’t have the same emotional worth to others.  If you think the item is ‘priceless’, maybe you shouldn’t be parting with it.
  8. If an item is out dated (VHS, cassettes), do not overprice. Yes, maybe you spent $10 15 years ago, but you have to remember it is getting hard to find players for these items.
  9. If you have a lot of a certain type of item (like I had scrapbooking supplies), instead of pricing it individually, just put in a box and say it is a price for all of it.
  10. Sometimes, another person’s trash is… trash. Throw out those broken things or pieces you have long forgotten what they are for.
  11. Having items up higher usually means they will be seen and more likely to be bought!

Just remember, the purpose of a yard sale is to lighten your load and recycling stuff you are no longer using.  The money is nice too.  And the purpose of a person coming to your yard sale is to find a deal.


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