For the love of Rain-x

So, yesterday while my father was changing my breaks on my car, he gave me a bottle of Rain-x and said get busy!
I am now in love with Rain-x (and I put it on just in time because it is pouring today)! Why has no one introduced this to me earlier? How have I been driving for over 10 years and this is the first time I have put it on my car?

I asked my dad if I could do my whole car in rain-x, but he said it would probably ruin the paint. Darn.

So I did all my windows, mirrors, and my tail lights. I would have done my headlights, but I am working on ‘unfogging’ the one side, so it will have to wait.

You know what else is awesome about Rain-X? It is easy to put on! Just clean your windows well first (my father has always taught me to use newspaper). Get a clean cloth and generously apply the Rain-x in a circular motion on the window. Wait five minutes and apply another coat the same way. In another 5 minutes you can buff the grayish coat off the window, but even if you are too bored or tired at this point, it is not the end of the world if you don’t get it all off. I noticed when I was driving home, I missed a spot on my windshield. The rain today should take that right off.


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