I drove 2 hours for a 45 min interview.

I got a call back for an interview about 2 hours away. I think the interview went well and I hope to hear from them at the end of the week.

It is an Americorps position, which means I do not get paid, but a living stipend.

I keep thinking about money, even though I am not the type to worry about it too much.  I just want to be comfortable. But with little income, I realize how much things costs.  Like this interview today was 60 miles away which would be about 2 gallons in my car. That’s about $8 each way.  Plus, $1 in tolls (you only have to pay to get out of NJ). I spent $17 to go to my interview today, not counting the clothes I had to buy.  How do people who don’t have any income do this?

Now I am looking for housing to see if it is even possible for me to live in the area on the living stipend. I am use to living below the poverty line-I survived grad school. How do people find housing within their budgets in a place where cost of living is so high?  I just may find out.

Because commute 2 hours each way does not seem cost efficient.


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