Part of a long saga to get a wing back chair

Years ago, I feel in love with this burnt orange wing back chair that was given to my roommate and I by a friend. When I moved out, I left my roommate the chair, since he needed it.

However, I miss my chair. I have been on a mission the last two years to find a new one. They are out of style, ikea doesn’t even sell them 😦 (yet they have a vintage one on the cover of their catalog). So, I asked my father-American picker long before it was a tv show and cool- to keep his eyes open. It took him a while, but while helping a friend clean out a home, he spotted one! Score FREE wing back chair!

Now, I need fabric (not that I don’t enjoy the powder blue fabric, it just doesn’t go… Well with the entire century). I go to Joann’s and find cute fabric-$20 a yard. I’m on a budget! Even at 50% off it would still be $55 plus tax to get enough to cover.

I went back today to get fabric for another project and found all their red tag fabric was an extra 50% off. I found something I like but there was just under 3 yards. I was going to pass on it, but after many hours on Pinterest, I have seen some that have two different matching fabrics. So I buy it. $5 for all of it. Just need to find the matching fabric at a reasonable price.


Any ideas or suggestions?


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