Do you want rice with your chili or rice in your chili?

My mother and I have had this battle for years.  She has always made good chili, but refused to teach me how to make it when I was younger  (“It’s simple Michelle, just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” “So I can use Northern white beans?” “Well, no.  I use Kidney beans.”)

So, when I moved out to Flagstaff and made friends with people of Mexican decent, I realized I didn’t know chili.  My friends took me under their wings and thought me how to make chili.  And guess what, I like it better than my mother’s.

It is the one thing that is hard to get use to in moving back to the east coast.  All those foods I loved growing up that are PA Dutch, they are BLAND.  I try to spice everything up now.

So to make a long story short, I made the chili yesterday too spicy (way to much chili pepper but I couldn’t get it to ‘taste’ right).  So mom thinks by adding half a bag of rice (at least two cups) will help it.  Now it is more rice than anything and has no liquid what so ever.  I HATE rice in the chili.  I hate the texture, whatever.  I will put some rice in my bowl and pour chili on top, but don’t mix it in!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think? Rice in the chili or have rice with your chili?

However, in all reality, just give me cornbread.


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