Over-zealous auntie

I am an auntie to my best friend from college little girl Emma. She is a doll and the best, but I am bias. I was in Arizona when she was born, so to make up my lack of not seeing her, I tend to make her things.
Her favorite show at the moment is Micky Mouse Clubhouse. I saw on another blog featuring a mmc birthday party. The girl’s gift was a Minnie mobile. Lightbulb went on and I thought, HEY I can totally do that!

So my dad found me a cozy coupe at a yard sale for $1.50.


He also found me plastic primer spray paint. I guess technically I didn’t need it according to the red paint can, but I figured it can’t hurt.
After that, which took much more out of me than I thought, I started on the red bottom. It is a plastic spray paint recommended by other bloggers. I luckily found it at Ollie’s for $1.59.
The first coat looked AWFUL! I thought I was going to have to scrap the whole project. For what ever reason the paint didn’t stick right to parts of the plastic! It looked a mess! I waited 15 mins, sprayed another coat. Better… Another coat, I finally start thinking this may work… I do one more coat for good measure.



It’s now sitting in my garage over night to set. It will probably remain there longer until I find black paint and something to make the ears out of. I’m more excited about the detailing. Adding toodles and her name.

I am way over my head here.


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