Hurricane sandy is coming.

We have had hurricanes periodically hit the northeast. I can remember about 4 coming through and me being worried.

I wasn’t here for last years storm, Irene. Or the snowstorm on Halloween that left my family without power for almost a week.

But I am here for Sandy. North easterners earns tend to over exaggerate. Call for an inch of snow and the bread, milk, and eggs fly off the shelves. I swear sometimes the news is partnering with the farms and bread companies to boost sales. However, imagine my surprise when I am out in Flagstaff for my first snowstorm and joke I need to get my milk and bread. blank stares. wait a second, the stores don’t run out of milk when there is a threat of a storm??? Color me confused!

My friend informed me that a snowstorm in like 74 left north easterners stranded for days, some in their cars. Ok so there is some purpose for the madness.

This preparation is by far the worse I have ever seen. They are predicting the power will be out maybe for weeks… They recommend having cash on hand. Generators are sold out and locally there was a waiting list 100 long with a shipment supposed to come in today. There is no bottled water anywhere within 50 miles. Mandatory evacuations of major cities… The entire state of New Jersey in shut down as of 8pm tonight. The glow of the sky tonight was freaky.


The wind has started to pick up. It’s coming. And there is nothing to do but wait.


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