What would we do if the power went out?

I lost power Monday night at about 10:30 PM. Right in the middle of Castle at the good part!

I just got power back a few hours ago. And cable and Internet less than that. It got too cold in the house to stay Wed night and I ended up elsewhere. If it wasn’t for that, I would have staid.

I had no generator, so I literally had no power but a flashlight and a radio. Even my cell phone didn’t work. Many of the local grocery stores were giving out free ice and water so I listened to the radio to here where. They would announce the full list was on their Facebook site. Great. For people with Internet. Or a smartphone. Or hell cell phone service. Then again, were they the ones that needed ice and water?

We are addicted to technology and forget what to do when the lights are out. Would we fall apart if the power went out for good? (My power also went out while taping Revolution so I can’t answer that question this week.)

So here is what I did in the freezing cold. (My house is almost up to a warm 60degrees!)


Almost there. I have decided I don’t enjoy spray painting.


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