My Sh*t List

I am a pretty easy going person.  After living in Flagstaff, I have learned to let things go and not get angry at the little things.  On the east coast, everyone gets mad at the little things.

I have to admit, I do enjoy writing complaint letters and have written some for friends along the way.  Most of the time, it is the Sociologist in me coming out.  I refuse to let the system ‘win’ and be beaten into submission by big businesses who expect the little people to fall into line.  I hate lines.  Give me a circle and I would feel better.

So, I write letters about products that do not work, or stupid policies, or just bad customer service.  Customer Service ones are tricky, because how much of it is just someone having a bad day compared to STUPID store management.

My actual Sh*t List is not that long and usually people don’t tend to stay on it that long because I can easily forgive (more like forget) and move on. Michaels is currently on the list for their shabby clearance policies and getting snippy with me when I pointed out price differences on the SAME ITEM.  I am sure they will have a good sale sooner or later that will make me forget about how mad I am at them.

ANYWAY, my point of all this, is to point out Chase credit cards.  They have been emailing me every few days about being a victim of Hurricane Sandy and just to call this number and let them know how they can help. My house was hit by the hurricane.  A tree fell on my mom’s car.  When cleaning up the debris, I came in contact with something I am allergic too and have hives all over my face (#@*^#@*#@).  AND to top it off, I received that Americorps position in Trenton, but had to start a week later than planned due to the Hurricane meaning less pay.  Also, as part of Americorps, I have been assisting victims of the hurricane in NJ.

So, I call this Chase # to see if maybe they can lower my interest rate due to the above circumstances.  Not only am I told no, but I am also informed my interest rate is about 5% higher than it says under my account. Apparently it changed back in 2009, but is not showing up on my account?  So here I am thinking this is a low interest credit card and have been buying my gas on it.  But apparently not.  The guy on the phone was no help, so I wrote a nasty email.  All I want to know is if this interest rate is changing or if I have been getting charged a higher rate and NOT knowing it.  BAD practices.

I also contacted Citi Bank, whom I have also had a card with for many years to see if they have the same practices. If they can assure me they do not, I will be transferring over my Chase account to  balance transfer they are offering at .99% until the end of 2014! Help a person out!  Americorps is awesome, but the pay is not enough to live on. Esp. in cities, such as Trenton, where renting a room would leave me with $100 a month to pay all my bills, buy gas, and everything else.

Anyway, Who is on your Sh*t List?


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