The pain of Christmas on a budget

Unfortunately at this time of year, I am a very giving person. I love giving presents and loving on the people I love. This year, money is super tight. Americorps pays less than squat. (Love my job, but I had more money in grad school.) So, while I have learned to cut back the last few years, this one has been even harder.

1. I cut back on the number of people I had to buy for. All those people I enjoy buying for, but don’t need me too.

2. I cut back on how much I buy for people. Do I really need to spend $100 on my brother when he usually forgets to buy for me?

3. I decided on quality, not quantity. Wish I could buy everyone tablets, but wouldn’t a nice giant pencil be so much cooler?

4. Instead of finding the perfect present at the wrong price, I decided to make my own perfect present!


We’ll see how it goes. I know Christmas isn’t about the presents, although it is about giving… Anyway, I need to hold on to some traditions and let go of others. It just gets hard when others aren’t willing to try something new.


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