Joy of commuting

I hate commuting. Omg, who thought this was a good idea? Thank goodness my friend lets me stay with her so it is only an hour and ten minute commute. only. seriously? Did I just say that?

And I try to tell myself, I love my job. It could be worse… It could be farther. It could be longer than a year.


However, when its like this, I can’t help but miss Arizona and flagstaff. Where everything I needed was in a 10 mile radius. Where traffic was different and not as aggressive. Where there were beautiful peaks always in view.

But noooooo, I’m commuting to New Jersey. I’ve been kicked out of Eden for hell. Can’t go back either, not that I want too. Arizona was good to me while I was there, but I knew from the beginning Flagstaff was just a stop in my life to rest and heal. To mourn the passing of my childhood and best friend.
So, I’m back. I’m here. And I am a commuter.

By the way, did you know NJ has silver alerts for senior citizens who go missing? It’s sad how often I have seen them in this short month of commuting.


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