‘Liking’ something does not mean I need it all

So, I have been having issues of late where people get associated with something they like. For example a friend likes orange and recently re-did her room in flip flops. My mother has to point out anything orange or flip flop to buy for her (heaven forbid it is an orange flip flop). She talks about getting it for her for Christmas but I have to point out they are not exchanging presents. Why buy for the sake of buying?

I have built a collection of ‘collections’ over the years and while I no longer actually buy any of this stuff for myself, I still get new items yearly.

1. Cats. My dad always buy me cat stuff. I don’t mind it too much since it is the one thing we share.


2. Care Bears. I was an eighties baby. I love Care Bears. When I am really sick I still watch the movie because its comforting. Anyway, I swear I own every care bear thing out there. Pencils, notebooks, stuff animals largeeee and small, videos, figures, mugs… I could go on and on. What is an adult going to do with all that when she is trying to be professional?

3. Pineapples. This started as a joke. I always wanted a pa Dutch welcome sign with a pineapple. My friends told me that a pineapple equaled sex so I would be welcoming sex. So, I now own a lot of pineapples. I do one day hope to have a kitchen with a pineapple theme; I guess all these items will be good.

4. Yarn. I crochet, everyone knows this. Well everyone gives me their left over yarn or yarn they found in a random place. I could open a JoAnns.

5. Joy. Yes!! I collect joy. I am very joyful. No more like I apparently collect things with the word joy on it. They come out this time of year.


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