Things I hate about being sick

1. Deciding whether or not to go to work/school. Everyone has something different to say. Fever? No go. Under a certain temp, by all means go. I tossed and turned half the morning trying to decide if my fever was enough for me to stay home. In the end, the ’24 hr’ rule won out. I would feel worse if I got my co workers sick than missing work.

2. Lack of body heat regulation. Hot, cold, then hot, then suddenly shaking because u are so cold. And no amount of blankets can warm you up.

3. Nothing taste right! I made myself a mango smoothie, my favorite, and tasted nothing. nothing. and Christmas is right around the corner with all of cookies and yummy tasting foods.

4. When your mind is active but your body is rebelling. My mind is racing, I could probably run a marathon right now, but I can’t even stand without getting dizzy. Not that I would actually run a marathon, just feels like it.


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