Obligations and sleep

Obligation, I hate this word. It doesn’t sound pretty and gets stuck on your lips.

Now, we all have obligations all year, but how comes during the holidays they get tripled so you no longer have time for restful sleep. I like sleep.

You go to parties and work, are forced to eat cookies and filling meals, and buy gifts for people you really don’t like because you have to be nice.

For example, I am going to be eating ALOT of food the next few days. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it. And if I don’t eat a lot during each setting then I am rude. I don’t try every cookie on plate? Rude! I am trying to remember when this holiday became all about food, because when I was younger, we would just eat a big Christmas dinner and I don’t remember a week long of heavy meals.

I don’t know about you, but as I got older and my parents split, I still needed to see everyone I use to see on Christmas Eve and day, but now since no one likes each other I am lucky have to see everyone by myself. I usually do it on a first come first serve basis. Whoever tells me first about their party/dinner that is who I go too. I don’t play favorites. However people get mad when I can’t see them on that day as if I am putting them last in my life. The world didn’t end yesterday, it ends when I say no to a family member.

Nope. It is just my job in my family to make the rounds. It’s always been mine since I could drive. My brother gets away with being the flaky one in the family. He’s invited, but no one expects him. And when he does show up, they are all so impressed and busy with him, they don’t notice me not eating my entire plate.

But what happens to a person whose job it is to make rounds? (As my mom comes in with a bunch of wrapping and dumps it on me.) I think every few years she is allowed to go crazy. Say f it all and forget Christmas all together. That’s what happened a few years ago.


Yes, this was Christmas Day. 2700 miles away from those obligations. A beer at 10am Christmas Day kinda day.

Next year maybe one of those years again.


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