It’s so annoying, it’s been bothering me.

Ok, I seriously cannot stand those ‘so I know you’re not a robot’ security things. I swear they are getting worse.  How can anyone get them?  And how does that prove I am not a robot?  Because a robot wouldn’t get them wrong

Wikipedia even states a bunch of people literally can’t view the stupid things:

Because CAPTCHAs rely on visual perception, users unable to view a CAPTCHA due to a disability will be unable to perform the task protected by a CAPTCHA. The groups who commonly struggle with visual CAPTCHAs are:

Sites implementing CAPTCHAs may provide an audio version of the CAPTCHA in addition to the visual method. The official CAPTCHA site recommends providing an audio CAPTCHA for accessibility reasons, but it is still not usable for deafblind people or for users of some text-based web browsers.


I’m not quite sure which one I am.  I hope not the last one, since I do have my masters and what would that say about my graduate program?

Anyway, isn’t there a better way to make sure I am not a robot?  One that does not excluded a bunch of people and leaves everyone else feeling stupid and annoyed?



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