Opiate of the masses?

Hmmm… FB is the opiate of the masses! The new religion!

It makes me sad and disappointed to watch other countries reach their tipping point while Americans reach theirs and retreat farther into the darkness.

It’s too hard. Too much work. What good will it do?

Well what good is sitting around talking about how much work it is going to be? Once we start, we will be that much closer to change.


2 thoughts on “Opiate of the masses?

  1. I am a little dismayed at the implication that Facebook is somehow soaking up (and wicking away) the activism that previously made America great. Are we to believe that emotions that used to boil up in people and cause them to march and build barricades is now released and dissipated on a million Facebook pages? Or is it not the case that Facebook is the new version of the gossip and argument that used to be chewed over in olden days around hand pump petrol bowsers and other places where folk would actually gather together. It’s always been the case that more is said than done, and perhaps Facebook’s only crime has been to make the so-called ineffectual chattering more visible, but no less (or more) effective in changing the world for all of that. And of course, as the great Abraham Lincoln’s example might remind us, it will never do to underestimate what might come out of the backwoods.

    1. I do hope one day social media will be enough for America’s tipping point on any issue. Be enough to enrage leaders to move forward. Right now there is no reseach to show how twitter, fb, blogs, etc can insight change, but I look forward to the day there is (sooner than later, because I need it for my job). Until then, as a program evaluator, I can’t help but ask, ‘so what Facebook?’

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