Reasons not to run > reasons to run

I have recently taken up running. I’m not good at it. Frankly, I suck. However, I really, really want to do the color me rad race in Philly. It’s a 5k. Simple, right? Well turns out you actually need to train for a 5k when you don’t actually run.

I am determined to run this race and I figure, I have 5 months to train. I can do this!
But I swear everything is working against me!

1. My sneakers sucked. Made my ‘drivers knee’ hurt more. So I had to buy new ones. My friend suggested real running shoes, but I wasn’t ready to shell out $120 on sneakers for a hobby I may not continue. I did find a good pair of nikes on super sale.

2. I was running on Sunday. Not far, remember, I suck at running. While running, I started coughing. I seriously felt like ‘I knocked something loose.’ I continued to cough and started wheezing… Can we say allergic to running?

3. Oh it gets worse. My chest hurt so bad yesterday, I ended up in urgent care. I’m thinking I have asthma. The nurse asks me when did it the pain start and such. I explain I was running… He mutters under his breathe that I must have over done it. I told him I am a beginner and going slow. He precedes to lecture me on how I shouldn’t run anyway, I should just walk on an incline.
Really? Did a medical professional just discourage me from cardio excerise?

4. Turns out I just have bronchitis. It’s gotten worse, so no running for a bit.

5. Running is not a cheap hobby. Shoes, clothes, GPS watches, treadmills, race fees etc.

So, what are my reasons to run?


Anyway, another topic. My chest feels like I have a cat sitting on it.


Oh wait. I do.


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