Iron-on workout

I am not quite sure what is wrong with me, but the directions on the back of an iron-on never seem to apply to me.

Apply pressure for 20 seconds? Try 20 minutes! Every iron-on I have attempted has taken me upwards of an hour.  And I feel like I have done 3 sets of 20 reps of shoulder presses.

And as I stand over the iron sweating away, I keep thinking about monopoly and how I am kind of glad they are getting rid of the iron. I was never cut out for iron work.

In the end, it turned out well, just took so much longer than I wanted it to/had time for.

photo (2)


I had bought the bag at Earthbound Trading Company. Awesome store. Anyway, the bag was boring but they were having a sale BOGO on sale items. I had my eye on this key ring holder in the shape of a key for a while, however did not need two.  I was in Arizona with my brother.  He decided I should be the one to carry his laptop out to Arizona without any case or anything.  His logic did not include that I would not be traveling back home with him.  I started looking at these bags as my free item.  There was a light blue one that I liked more, but it was smaller. Finally, I got the brown and made my brother take it as a carry on with his laptop.

Ok, so that was August. It has been sitting in my brother’s room and then mine.

But now, maybe I will use it?  It is def more Flagstaff, Arizona then it is New Jersey.


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