The cost of Little kids clothes


I am not sure I understand why baby clothes is so expensive.

For one thing, it takes little cloth! 2ndly, they wear it for a short amount of time.

I went to jcpenney today. They had sent me a free $10 off $10 coupon. I’m poor and have to take these opportunities when they come.
I don’t know if you know, but they are again remodeling their image to include sales again. They had racks of women’s shirts for $3 and $4 up to $20 for jackets. Nothing struck my fancy, but didn’t want to waste my coupon so meandered over to the baby section. I have a niece turning two and a new nephew in April!
Everything in this section was $5-$15. What the… How comes I can get a grown up shirt for so little but have to PAY more for a baby.

And has anyone seen this label on kids pjs? It made me laugh. Pretty sure they weren’t on there when I was little.



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