Are banks becoming obsolete?


So, I just deposited a check into my account by taking a picture of it.  I know this is not new, but I am so hindered in technology.  The fact that I was able to do this makes me thing… do I need a face to face bank?

Actually, I have used ING since 2008 and therefore have not had a physical bank in a while. Well, besides the credit union where my first savings account was set up when I was born.  I do not get a lot of physical checks, so I do not really think about going to a physical bank much.  I hate the big chain banks and am already pissed a little mad that ING has merged with Capital One.

But my question is, are we moving into an age when a bank teller will seem as strange to us as a telephone operator?

And yes, I know my picture as nothing to do with banks. Although I imagine the idea of banks floating away.  I really just wanted to show off one of my pictures from my trip to Egypt (it was the same year I opened my ING account.  See, totally relevant).


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