My problem=My education?


The last few days I have been overly frustrated with dealing with other people. I figure I just must be on edge for some reason, maybe the full moon?

However, I wonder if my overeducated self does not mix with the people in the town I grew up in. I ask questions and expect answers.  And I get frustrated when no one will answer.

Example A: I went to the doctor’s office on Friday to get blood drawn.  It was a routine panel, checking iron, cholesterol and such. To begin with I had problems getting answers out of the staff about my insurance coverage. So after a bit of back and forth, the woman comes in to draw my blood.  She informs me she also needs an urine sample.  I said, ‘oh, the doctor did not say he was going to order this when I saw him.’ (aka, I would have worn something easier to do such) She said he must have ordered it after seeing me.  So I ask what the test is for.  She tells me she ‘has no idea’… I ask why the test then.  I get a little lip back, as if it is none of my business why my urine is getting tested.
So I am thinking pregnancy test, which is a waste of money. I know I am not pregnant. I talk later to my friend who reminds me there is other test including checking sugar in the urine.  Ok, this makes sense.  But, am I asking too much to be educated in my medical care? Out in Arizona, I always knew what tests were being done and what my results were. I know what my ranges should be.
I am still upset about this. All the nurse had to say was ‘we usually check urine for A,B, and C’ not I have no idea and it doesn’t matter.


This brings me to today. I am trying to get my car switched back to PA plates.  I am having all sorts of trouble.  I have had problems getting my license and finally found out today it is because AZ never closed out my PA license when I switched. So I have not been able to get new insurance and so on.

Finally, get my license and head over to see about my plates. I had a feeling it would not be able to be done at that moment because of the insurance issue, but since I was near by I wanted to get some answers to what needed to be done next.  The woman was not sympathetic and I felt she saw me a pain as I am trying to ask clarifying questions.  (like… ok I need my insurance but can’t get that until I get this.  But I can’t get this until I get that? Why do I need to get a special vehicle inspection?) So I ended up crying in the middle of AAA.

I didn’t have to do all this stuff  in AZ (the lenient state apparently).

At this point I am thinking it would be less stressful to buy a new car.  However, I love my car (see picture above.  It made it over the Rocky mountains without slowing down).

I just want to know, is it to much to ask for people to explain things to me I do not understand?  If I am not being nasty about it and I really want to understand, what is the problem?


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