Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

Has anyone else jumped on the map bandwagon? I LOVE MAPS. Always have. So this newest craze is just perfect for me!

My one friend says my nickname should be ‘Wanda’ short for Wanderer from the book The Host. I love traveling and part of that is looking at maps to find new and exciting places.

I found a wooden box at A.C. Moore for a $1. I knew I had some old maps to cut up. I painted the inside and bottom of the box and lid purple to give it some color. The lid turned out great and I started on the sides. After doing two sides, I realized there is a thing as TOO MUCH MAPS! I decided to do the other two sides with a travel themed scrapbooking page.

I am new to Mod podge, but I am amazed at how forgiving it is. I can be pretty impatient. While I love things perfectly straight, I get frustrated easily and will give up. So, I get bumps. Mod podge pretty much corrects that for me! I don’t know how, but after it is dry, the bumps go away. I am kinda a fan of the crafting tool.

lots of water of this box!

So that says ‘travel’ but I misjudged the size of the lid. It covers the T and L. Oh well, I know what it says.


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