Racing Stripes on a baby blanket

I’m not good at following instructions. Esp. crocheting instructions. Patterns make little sense to me, so I mostly rely on my creative side to figure it out for myself.

I bought some baby yarn on super clearance. Why? Who knows. I had no babies to make blankets for and I am just a crazy yarn lady.


See? I wasn’t kidding!  This was ONE TRIP.  I ended up going back for more.  I need a yarnervention.

I am trying to use up said yarn by making scarves and baby blankets. I get bored using the same stitch every time, so I try to look online to see if I can come up with new ones.  Here is the latest. I was going to just use the multi-colored yarn with a double crochet through the back loop.  Half way through, I thought it needed something… but what…

Racing Stripes. Every baby blanket needs them!


I do enjoy how this pattern photographs. I don’t think the layers are quite as pronounced in really life, but looks good!


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