Baby pick up lines?


I have been wanting to get this bib for my few days old nephew since I knew he existed. And he will proudly where it to go out to eat with me.

Can you believe it was sold out for months? I could easily find the uncle version, but apparently all the aunts out there are hot and single. Don’t worry, I found it finally!

But, it makes me shake my head, am I really going to try to use a baby to pick up someone? For one thing, I do not want kids of my own so someone cooing over a baby enough to see the bib it probably not going to be a preferable mate for me.

Furthermore, what pick up lines does someone use in these situations? ‘I’d like to put in an application to become his uncle.’ I would probably fall on the floor and pee myself laughing if someone actually said this to me.

So yes I bought the bib, bought into mainstream baby America. But maybe… He’ll just wear it at home and where his mom and i can giggle about it.

What’s your best baby pick up line?


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