Pie, wonderful pie! Not.

So, I think I have mentioned this before, my mother drives me nuts.
I guess it is kinda fitting I put nuts in the pie.

Anyway, getting ahead of myself. I haven’t been home for a few weeks. Mom was at church today. I found a pillsbury pie crust. I get a big idea (always trouble), homemade PIE! What could go wrong?

I made my apple filling with walnuts and brown sugar. Looked really good. Unrolled the crust, fitted it in the pan and pressed the top on. Even made my slits in the top. Looked beautiful!

I cooked it for 20 mins and took it out to put foil around the edges to keep it from burning. I noticed at this point, the dough wasn’t raising like it should. I look at the package and realize, the crust was expired… In January. Wonderful. Ok, whatever. I’m finishing this damn pie.
I put the foil on and cook another 40 mins. I go to turn the pie and a piece of foil falls off onto the oven.
Oh crap!

I reach for it and touch the coil, completely melting the pot holder. It smells so bad! I guess it’s good I didn’t set it on fire, but the house was def smoking… I ran around opening windows and turning on fans.

Epic pie fail!


my ruined mitt. Oops.


And it didnt even taste good!

Pie making is not one of my specialities.


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