Let me start off by saying, I don’t understand hash tags. It seemed appropriate for this, but who knows? I’m still getting use to twitter, as I think it is a good job skill for the future even if I don’t use it for personal stuff.

Anyway, on to yard sales. I grew up going. Literally think my parents stopped at one on the way to the hospital when my mom was in labor! (No, I was born in January so I doubt there was one, but I am sure I was strapped in the car seat at two months old to go)
I liked yard sales when I needed things or had a place to put things.

In my oh-so-age of 28, I find I no longer want the things, the clutter, that I had as a child. I keep trying to purge, even more so as I have two bedrooms (one by work and one at my moms). Stuff makes me itchy.

However, books are my weakness. Books for a quarter? Ok! Above is my pile from this morning. Add it to the other 100 or so I hid around my room because I ran out of bookcase space. Lovely.
Worse part is I didn’t even want to go! Mom guilts me until I go. All I bought was this pile of books, there’s nothing else out there I need and even less that I want!

Mom bought more than me, but pointless stuff. Such as:


What do u do with this ugly spider?! Ugh.


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