Product review- sauté express lemon pepper


Friday, when I was in the store, they were giving away samples of chicken in this butter. I usually pass on this stuff, but I broke the cardinal rule of eating before you go shopping. the chicken was so good, I bought the new product without a coupon!

Instead of chicken, I decided to use tofu. I know most people don’t like tofu, at least in my family. Sometimes I make stuff with tofu in it and don’t tell them. oops, did I say that out loud?
This time it isn’t for them, but for my weekly lunches.

The product is easy enough. It looks a mix between butter and bullion. All I had to do is throw it in a frying pan. I cubed the tofu and separate in two sections. I ended up using two squares just because I wanted each piece to be drenched in buttery goodness.

It looks a little weird when melting, but it all works out!


It was so yummy, I kept eating pieces out of the pan.

Highly recommend this product. It was easy and quick (it took longer to drain the tofu). You get 6 cubes for about $2.60. Each cube will sauté 2 chicken breasts. Great for a fast lunch or making something for later.


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