Did u know that once you are depended on technology, when u no longer have it your IQ drops?


I did fine in the prehistoric time without a GPS, laptop, and a cell phone. People have managed for thousands of years without current forms of technology. I survived my teen years with a problem.

Sometime just before I graduated college, my dad thought getting me a GPS was a good idea. I traveled a lot and would soon be going new places for my job. This was a helpful gift and I appreciated it.

Until it broke.

The first time I was living in Arizona and driving to Disneyland. I had picked my best friend up at the airport and we were traveling down the 10, carefree and not having a clue where I was going. All of a sudden my gps beeps and gives me a big FU. Ok, actually it was the F4 error. But close enough.
We had a meltdown and eventually had to pull over and call our parents in PA to look up directions.

Why we didn’t think we could just follow the Disneyland signs, I have no idea.

Anyway, my gps battery has needed to be changed for a week or so now. Finally did this weekend. You would think I would put it back in my car, of course not.

I decide to go out to a park near my new place. It included taking two roads to get there… TWO. I couldn’t find it. I had no GPS and no cell phone and I couldn’t find a park on a beautiful day. Fail.

Now I must go find my gps so I can get my IQ back to where it should be.


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