3 TV shows I found on Netflix that I wish I watched when it was on cable.

3. Better off Ted

find here
Yes, I watched all the episodes in two days. And when I was teaching a summer course, i used this show to show different sociological concepts. They point it out so well.
I sometimes think this show was too high brow for the masses. It was a continuous spoof of the white collar world. Jaberwocky has to be the best episode ever. When I need a good laugh I still turn it on.

2. Numbers

find here
I started this show in love with Don Epps, I ended it in love with Colby Granger. I’m re watching the earlier episodes currently to try to figure out how I didn’t notice granger until the 4th season.
I don’t understand the math mostly, however I do understand when Megan talks! Overall I think this show showed me how math is actually used everyday (my teacher WAS right.) I mean I’m still not going to use it, but I can appreciate people who do.

1.The Finder

find here
I found this show interesting during the bones promo. I planned on watching it, but I think it came on while I was in class. Very sad it only got ONE season and there can be no more because RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. This show was awesome, all the actors/actresses should get their props. However, I am very mad about the ending… Like wtf happens?!


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