New Orleans… Wait I mean Cleveland sucks.

Where to begin?
I guess I’ll start at the end. My best friend went to New Orleans for a vacation while her husband was there for a conference. She asked if she could get me something. Usually I say no to these requests, but this time I asked for a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass. New Orleans is on my list of places to go, but lower on the list so I doubt I’ll get there. But I do collect Hard Rock Cafe stuff, mostly shot glasses.

I stopped by my friend’s house last night and she proudly gives me the hard rock shot glass in a box. I’m excited, I open it up… And go ‘ha ha, funny joke.’


She looks at me and asks ‘what?’ At this point I am thinking she gave me one of her husband’s shot glasses as a joke. I hand it over to her and she screams ‘WHAT! Are you f***ing kidding me?’ We then erupt into hysterics while she convinces me that no, this is no joke. she said she made a special trip to the hard rock to pick this up for me. She saw it on the shelf and picked one in the box, never thinking to check it. Because why would someone think there was a Cleveland shot glass in New Orleans?

The best part of this rambling post? This friend and I have a story about the Cleveland hard rock. We decided to drive there one weekend oh so many years ago to see our favorite band perform. An 8 hour drive… As we are having dinner in the hard rock, getting super pumped to see our band, the waitress informs us the concert has been canceled because the president was in town, staying in the hotel next door.

Needless to say we were crushed, and vowed never to step foot in Cleveland again.
Yet, the hard rock gods were conspiring to make sure I got a shot glass from the hated Cleveland.

So, I guess I will still have to make a trip to New Orleans to complete my collection.


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