10 years after high school…

I graduated High School ten years ago. I would never go back. No way. I hated high school. However, there are things I do miss about that time in my life. Here are a few:

  1. A life without a cell phone: Believe it or not, back in my day we did not get a cell phone at birth. I was expected to call my mother when I got to a friend’s and I used the landline. I miss the days without a cell phone. Now, people expect to be able to get ahold of me at a moments notice.  And for some reason I am looked at as crazy that said cell phone is not glued to my hand. Actually… I don’t know where my phone is currently. Maybe I should look for it.
  2. My life was much more musical. 
    A few days ago, I tried to convince my work to have a musical staff meeting. I don’t think they were impressed. In high school I was in chorus, musical, band… Life was filled with music!  But, after high school and if you are lucky college, the musical life dies down. Yes, I still rock out in my car every now and again, yet it’s not the same as making sure I am singing from my diaphragm.
  3. I believed in Disney.
    Ok, I still kinda believe in Disney. However, I also see Disney for what it is.  I no longer want to be the ‘girl’ Disney sees as desirable. I’m not good at keeping quiet and cleaning. I wouldn’t give up everything for a man.  Sorry Disney-blame my education that made me see the light.
    And Beauty and Beast? There is so many things wrong with this love story. Kidnapped? Abused? Threaten? Yes, this is so romantic. Sign me up for the next enchanted beast out there.  I am sure I can change him with my ability to read and niceness. OK, it’s still my favorite.
  4. No Alcohol allowed: Sometimes I wish I could go back to a time where alcohol was not expected to have a good time. I do recognize at the time I couldn’t wait to be 21 because there is obviously nothing to do if you are under 21. However, I always had a good time-without the booze- and I can remember it to this day!
  5. Old Navy: I go into Old Navy now-a-days and can’t believe I ever liked their clothes.  I am not sure if their style changed, or I did.  Maybe a little bit of both. Old Navy use to be the cool brand, well at least the one I could afford with my part time job.  If I caught a good sale, I could sometimes afford the GAP! And I was so proud of myself for it.


Does anyone miss anything from high school?


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