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Rainbows and Fire Extinguishers

This is my reminder to all 3 of my followers, fire safety is important! Go check those batteries in your smoke detectors! Go now, I’ll wait.

This morning, the cats’ water dish was unplugged. The cats think this is THE END OF THE WORLD. Heaven forbid their water is not constantly flowing.
To plug it in, I have to bend down and put the plug around a desk in the corner of the kitchen. As I am doing this, I accidently hit an ancient fire extinguisher that proceeds to go off for about 5 seconds.
Did you know that if you do not properly maintain fire extinguishers they are useless? Apparently, no one told my mother this. It sprayed this horrible yellowish dust all over the kitchen! One of the cats freaks out and runs away (as we all should have). The other one gets curious and runs through the cloud of dust. She was really happy later when I had to chase her down and wipe her off. I had to unplug the water dish and clean it out, plus mop the floor. Just what I wanted to do when I first woke up!

So, there is a lesson in this. Make sure you get your fire extinguishers serviced! Do not just shove it in a corner and forget about it. Because I am not sure that yellow dust would be putting out any fires if need be.


On a non preachy note, here are my rainbow cookies. It seemed like a fun thing to do for St. Patty’s day, since we did not have a shamrock cookie cutter.  When I brought them out of the oven, my mom raised and eyebrow at me. Quick thinking, I said, “I changed my mind and made tie dye cookies instead!”



Another t-shirt rug!


I have been obsessed with making t shirt yarn. I need more t-shirts! Never thought I would hear myself say that.

This is my 3rd rug. I have seen online people also making baskets out of the yarn, but I like the rugs better. They are easy to make, once you cut the t shirt.
The last one I made, out of my father’s work shirts, was tough. Cutting through the shirts was painful. Trying to do more than one a day would cause my hand to numb. It took me MONTHS to finish.

The t-shirts in this project were much better to cut and work with. I am not sure what the difference was. They must have been thinner or something.

Other than that, my life is so uneventful and predictable, I have nothing else to write about!

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!

Has anyone else jumped on the map bandwagon? I LOVE MAPS. Always have. So this newest craze is just perfect for me!

My one friend says my nickname should be ‘Wanda’ short for Wanderer from the book The Host. I love traveling and part of that is looking at maps to find new and exciting places.

I found a wooden box at A.C. Moore for a $1. I knew I had some old maps to cut up. I painted the inside and bottom of the box and lid purple to give it some color. The lid turned out great and I started on the sides. After doing two sides, I realized there is a thing as TOO MUCH MAPS! I decided to do the other two sides with a travel themed scrapbooking page.

I am new to Mod podge, but I am amazed at how forgiving it is. I can be pretty impatient. While I love things perfectly straight, I get frustrated easily and will give up. So, I get bumps. Mod podge pretty much corrects that for me! I don’t know how, but after it is dry, the bumps go away. I am kinda a fan of the crafting tool.

lots of water of this box!

So that says ‘travel’ but I misjudged the size of the lid. It covers the T and L. Oh well, I know what it says.

Iron-on workout

I am not quite sure what is wrong with me, but the directions on the back of an iron-on never seem to apply to me.

Apply pressure for 20 seconds? Try 20 minutes! Every iron-on I have attempted has taken me upwards of an hour.  And I feel like I have done 3 sets of 20 reps of shoulder presses.

And as I stand over the iron sweating away, I keep thinking about monopoly and how I am kind of glad they are getting rid of the iron. I was never cut out for iron work.

In the end, it turned out well, just took so much longer than I wanted it to/had time for.

photo (2)


I had bought the bag at Earthbound Trading Company. Awesome store. Anyway, the bag was boring but they were having a sale BOGO on sale items. I had my eye on this key ring holder in the shape of a key for a while, however did not need two.  I was in Arizona with my brother.  He decided I should be the one to carry his laptop out to Arizona without any case or anything.  His logic did not include that I would not be traveling back home with him.  I started looking at these bags as my free item.  There was a light blue one that I liked more, but it was smaller. Finally, I got the brown and made my brother take it as a carry on with his laptop.

Ok, so that was August. It has been sitting in my brother’s room and then mine.

But now, maybe I will use it?  It is def more Flagstaff, Arizona then it is New Jersey.

Reasons not to run > reasons to run

I have recently taken up running. I’m not good at it. Frankly, I suck. However, I really, really want to do the color me rad race in Philly. It’s a 5k. Simple, right? Well turns out you actually need to train for a 5k when you don’t actually run.

I am determined to run this race and I figure, I have 5 months to train. I can do this!
But I swear everything is working against me!

1. My sneakers sucked. Made my ‘drivers knee’ hurt more. So I had to buy new ones. My friend suggested real running shoes, but I wasn’t ready to shell out $120 on sneakers for a hobby I may not continue. I did find a good pair of nikes on super sale.

2. I was running on Sunday. Not far, remember, I suck at running. While running, I started coughing. I seriously felt like ‘I knocked something loose.’ I continued to cough and started wheezing… Can we say allergic to running?

3. Oh it gets worse. My chest hurt so bad yesterday, I ended up in urgent care. I’m thinking I have asthma. The nurse asks me when did it the pain start and such. I explain I was running… He mutters under his breathe that I must have over done it. I told him I am a beginner and going slow. He precedes to lecture me on how I shouldn’t run anyway, I should just walk on an incline.
Really? Did a medical professional just discourage me from cardio excerise?

4. Turns out I just have bronchitis. It’s gotten worse, so no running for a bit.

5. Running is not a cheap hobby. Shoes, clothes, GPS watches, treadmills, race fees etc.

So, what are my reasons to run?


Anyway, another topic. My chest feels like I have a cat sitting on it.


Oh wait. I do.

You know you are a crazy cat lady when…

1. You happily make cat treats for your already spoiled plump kitties.

check here for the recipe and others if you are also a crazy pet owner. I made kitty treats.
This cat thought the dough was good.

I don’t know why I always take pictures of this cat, she hates me.

2. You feel the need to take a picture and brag about said treats.


3. You own this mug and feel compelled to make your cat pose with it 🙂


4. You can write a blog post about being a crazy cat lady!

The pain of Christmas on a budget

Unfortunately at this time of year, I am a very giving person. I love giving presents and loving on the people I love. This year, money is super tight. Americorps pays less than squat. (Love my job, but I had more money in grad school.) So, while I have learned to cut back the last few years, this one has been even harder.

1. I cut back on the number of people I had to buy for. All those people I enjoy buying for, but don’t need me too.

2. I cut back on how much I buy for people. Do I really need to spend $100 on my brother when he usually forgets to buy for me?

3. I decided on quality, not quantity. Wish I could buy everyone tablets, but wouldn’t a nice giant pencil be so much cooler?

4. Instead of finding the perfect present at the wrong price, I decided to make my own perfect present!


We’ll see how it goes. I know Christmas isn’t about the presents, although it is about giving… Anyway, I need to hold on to some traditions and let go of others. It just gets hard when others aren’t willing to try something new.