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Rainbows and Fire Extinguishers

This is my reminder to all 3 of my followers, fire safety is important! Go check those batteries in your smoke detectors! Go now, I’ll wait.

This morning, the cats’ water dish was unplugged. The cats think this is THE END OF THE WORLD. Heaven forbid their water is not constantly flowing.
To plug it in, I have to bend down and put the plug around a desk in the corner of the kitchen. As I am doing this, I accidently hit an ancient fire extinguisher that proceeds to go off for about 5 seconds.
Did you know that if you do not properly maintain fire extinguishers they are useless? Apparently, no one told my mother this. It sprayed this horrible yellowish dust all over the kitchen! One of the cats freaks out and runs away (as we all should have). The other one gets curious and runs through the cloud of dust. She was really happy later when I had to chase her down and wipe her off. I had to unplug the water dish and clean it out, plus mop the floor. Just what I wanted to do when I first woke up!

So, there is a lesson in this. Make sure you get your fire extinguishers serviced! Do not just shove it in a corner and forget about it. Because I am not sure that yellow dust would be putting out any fires if need be.


On a non preachy note, here are my rainbow cookies. It seemed like a fun thing to do for St. Patty’s day, since we did not have a shamrock cookie cutter.  When I brought them out of the oven, my mom raised and eyebrow at me. Quick thinking, I said, “I changed my mind and made tie dye cookies instead!”



Product review- sauté express lemon pepper


Friday, when I was in the store, they were giving away samples of chicken in this butter. I usually pass on this stuff, but I broke the cardinal rule of eating before you go shopping. the chicken was so good, I bought the new product without a coupon!

Instead of chicken, I decided to use tofu. I know most people don’t like tofu, at least in my family. Sometimes I make stuff with tofu in it and don’t tell them. oops, did I say that out loud?
This time it isn’t for them, but for my weekly lunches.

The product is easy enough. It looks a mix between butter and bullion. All I had to do is throw it in a frying pan. I cubed the tofu and separate in two sections. I ended up using two squares just because I wanted each piece to be drenched in buttery goodness.

It looks a little weird when melting, but it all works out!


It was so yummy, I kept eating pieces out of the pan.

Highly recommend this product. It was easy and quick (it took longer to drain the tofu). You get 6 cubes for about $2.60. Each cube will sauté 2 chicken breasts. Great for a fast lunch or making something for later.

Pie, wonderful pie! Not.

So, I think I have mentioned this before, my mother drives me nuts.
I guess it is kinda fitting I put nuts in the pie.

Anyway, getting ahead of myself. I haven’t been home for a few weeks. Mom was at church today. I found a pillsbury pie crust. I get a big idea (always trouble), homemade PIE! What could go wrong?

I made my apple filling with walnuts and brown sugar. Looked really good. Unrolled the crust, fitted it in the pan and pressed the top on. Even made my slits in the top. Looked beautiful!

I cooked it for 20 mins and took it out to put foil around the edges to keep it from burning. I noticed at this point, the dough wasn’t raising like it should. I look at the package and realize, the crust was expired… In January. Wonderful. Ok, whatever. I’m finishing this damn pie.
I put the foil on and cook another 40 mins. I go to turn the pie and a piece of foil falls off onto the oven.
Oh crap!

I reach for it and touch the coil, completely melting the pot holder. It smells so bad! I guess it’s good I didn’t set it on fire, but the house was def smoking… I ran around opening windows and turning on fans.

Epic pie fail!


my ruined mitt. Oops.


And it didnt even taste good!

Pie making is not one of my specialities.

Product review: shake n pour

It sounds great! All you have to do is add one cup of water, shake a bit, and then pour into a cupcake pan. Easy.

However, a lot of the batter gets stuck to the sides and I had to work to even get 12 cupcakes out of it. (See picture below) I let it sit upside down for a good 5 minutes and scooped a little from the more full ones to get that 12th cupcake. Also, it takes the fun out of licking the bowl.


This is a good product for someone who needs a small amount of treats. I wanted something small to take to work, but I didn’t need a lot of cupcakes because there are only 6 of us at my office. If you were making for a larger office or a classroom, you would probably need two of these.


Here they are all done! I am sure you are wondering… didn’t she say she made 12?

1. I ate one. I mean, you can’t give out a product you haven’t sampled. They were airy and fell apart in my hand. But they will do.

2. I go to decorated them and I reach for the sprinkles and start pouring… OOPS, those little green leaves are NOT sprinkles. I accidentally grab oregano. I scraped it off, but I will not serve that one to anyone… except maybe my brother.
Welcome to my life. Oops.

The people of Walmart, the DMV, and some crab.

So, yesterday I asked my mom if she wanted to go with me to this town where there is a DMV along with other shops. Including an awkwardly placed Walmart on top of this hill that more screams, ‘I’m king of the world!’ Than anything else.

We haven’t done this in a very long time, so I thought it would be a change of scenery to go there.

First off, my mom is hard for me to handle. We both have very different mind sets and she will blurt out homophobic, racist, and over all degrading remarks. They sometimes hurt. I try and explain to her why they are not right and tell her how she could have said it differently. She always argues back, as if she is a teenager.

Anyway, the DMV was closed. Apparently Presidents’ Day extends the whole week for them because they are only open one day this week. This puts a wrench in my plans, but I’ll figure it out.

Off to Walmart… Where I lose my mother, see many hillbillies (some with any teeth), and wait in a very long line (I kept thinking… Cattle!). Add that on top of my annoying mother and I was pretty much twitching.

As for the crab, besides me, I made crab salad!


In this crab salad is crab (duh), two small avocados, 1/4 of a onion, carrots, and 3 tablespoons of mayo. Spices include pepper, and celery salt. It was good and I recommend trying your own, just don’t use as much onion and be prepared for it to change color after a day!

Obligations and sleep

Obligation, I hate this word. It doesn’t sound pretty and gets stuck on your lips.

Now, we all have obligations all year, but how comes during the holidays they get tripled so you no longer have time for restful sleep. I like sleep.

You go to parties and work, are forced to eat cookies and filling meals, and buy gifts for people you really don’t like because you have to be nice.

For example, I am going to be eating ALOT of food the next few days. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it. And if I don’t eat a lot during each setting then I am rude. I don’t try every cookie on plate? Rude! I am trying to remember when this holiday became all about food, because when I was younger, we would just eat a big Christmas dinner and I don’t remember a week long of heavy meals.

I don’t know about you, but as I got older and my parents split, I still needed to see everyone I use to see on Christmas Eve and day, but now since no one likes each other I am lucky have to see everyone by myself. I usually do it on a first come first serve basis. Whoever tells me first about their party/dinner that is who I go too. I don’t play favorites. However people get mad when I can’t see them on that day as if I am putting them last in my life. The world didn’t end yesterday, it ends when I say no to a family member.

Nope. It is just my job in my family to make the rounds. It’s always been mine since I could drive. My brother gets away with being the flaky one in the family. He’s invited, but no one expects him. And when he does show up, they are all so impressed and busy with him, they don’t notice me not eating my entire plate.

But what happens to a person whose job it is to make rounds? (As my mom comes in with a bunch of wrapping and dumps it on me.) I think every few years she is allowed to go crazy. Say f it all and forget Christmas all together. That’s what happened a few years ago.


Yes, this was Christmas Day. 2700 miles away from those obligations. A beer at 10am Christmas Day kinda day.

Next year maybe one of those years again.