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How to be a bad blogger

I wish I was better at blogging. By all appearance, I should be good at it.

I like writing. I am ok at writing (depending on which of my college professors you ask). I have hobbies and stories that others have blogged about. I follow lots of blogs, so I know what makes a good blog. I have the time to write. I’m always on the internet, so why not?


Yet… like knitting and sewing, I just don’t seem to be good at it. And, I know, practice makes prefect. So I tell myself everytime I try to sew and fail miserably. The more I do it, the better I will be. So I tell myself after the 200th job application. Failure only makes you want to work harder. So I tell myself after I received two job rejection letters within 2 hours of each other. It’s only temporary. So I tell myself when I have to turn down going out with my friends because I just can’t afford it. And so on…

I can’t help but wonder when failing is the end all-be all. We can’t all succeed in everything we set out to do, no matter if our parents tell us differently. What happens if the thing you set your heart on is just not possible? Oh look, now I’m being a Debbie Downer.

The world is full of stories of people who overcome all odds to do the impossible.  Look at any athlete who attended the olympics. They all have stories of heroism.  But for every athlete who was chosen to attend, there are 20 who were not chosen. Those people’s stories are rarely told, because somehow it is just so unAmerican.  So, when we do fail at something, we cannot fathom it. How can we go on?

By telling ourselves that failure is only one stop on the way to our goal.
Yes, keep the hope alive. Always.

Anyway, so this is my long winded explanation to say, I am not a good blogger.


Social Norms and the Single Woman

At work I have been writing about Social Norms. For some reason, I get gleeful looking up disrupting social norms.  Like the video where the girl wears a prom dress to work out. It’s sociology at it’s finest.

I don’t think I run around breaking norms all the time. I stand the correct way in the elevator and eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I merge the Jersey way. I follow the norms pretty damn well.

Then, I start to think. Wait… I am single and the norm dictates I should be coupled or actively looking. I should be lonely.

I told my mom, “I think I am happier being single.”

“It’s just because you haven’t found the right man yet.”

This isn’t the first time I have heard this line. I don’t want kids, have never wanted my own kids. I have always been open to this fact.  You know what I get told?

Yup. “It’s just because you haven’t found the right man yet.” Yes, I am going to meet someone who is going to give me a complete personality transplant so I can be in the norm!

Single Woman social norms:

  • Always be on the lookout for a potential mate. He could be your best friend’s husband’s cousin or some random dude behind a bush.
  • Hear your biological clock tick. Personally, I can’t wait until mine shuts up. I thought I bought the cheap clock battery.
  • Gracefully deal with the ‘looks’ from your friends who are not single. Even when they are arguing with their significant other in front of you.
  • Try not to groan when your family asks you if you are dating anyone. “No, I just haven’t met the right one yet. Maybe I need to move across the country again.”
  • Go places alone and look miserable. Darn, if I was dating I could be sitting here at Barnes and Nobles being interrupted while I am trying to read my book. Poor me. My life is worthless.
  • Know all to take out a Zombie, because when it is time, you will obviously have no one to watch your back.


Happy 4th of July!

This is by far my favorite holiday. Memorial Day is fun, but summer isn’t quite there yet. Labor Day equals the end of summer. The Fourth of July though… Oh the 4th! It is smack in the middle of heat and humidity. It means fire and hot dogs and Marconi salad!and now this I am over 21, it also means beer.

I was away the last few fourths, in Arizona. Fireworks there are not the same because they need to be safe fireworks due to the high risk of forest fires. Which I completely understand. However, that’s not how I grew up and every summer day I was away from the east coast, I desperately missed the colors in the sky and loud booms.

There is one tradition I have not missed, no matter where I was living. And that is watching Independence Day. You know the 1996 movie with Jeff goldblum and will smith?! Favorite movie ever. Know every single line.

Now it’s usually on TV, so I don’t have to even get out my DVD. But I can’t find it on any channel this year! What is up with that? I mean they just said they are coming out with a second one (what took them so long? It’s going to be 20 years…), shouldn’t they want to promote?
I’m disappointed that I seem to be the only one who still loves this movie. Now I have to go find my DVD so I can keep up my tradition.


It’s currently on A&E, it was not forgotten.

New Orleans… Wait I mean Cleveland sucks.

Where to begin?
I guess I’ll start at the end. My best friend went to New Orleans for a vacation while her husband was there for a conference. She asked if she could get me something. Usually I say no to these requests, but this time I asked for a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass. New Orleans is on my list of places to go, but lower on the list so I doubt I’ll get there. But I do collect Hard Rock Cafe stuff, mostly shot glasses.

I stopped by my friend’s house last night and she proudly gives me the hard rock shot glass in a box. I’m excited, I open it up… And go ‘ha ha, funny joke.’


She looks at me and asks ‘what?’ At this point I am thinking she gave me one of her husband’s shot glasses as a joke. I hand it over to her and she screams ‘WHAT! Are you f***ing kidding me?’ We then erupt into hysterics while she convinces me that no, this is no joke. she said she made a special trip to the hard rock to pick this up for me. She saw it on the shelf and picked one in the box, never thinking to check it. Because why would someone think there was a Cleveland shot glass in New Orleans?

The best part of this rambling post? This friend and I have a story about the Cleveland hard rock. We decided to drive there one weekend oh so many years ago to see our favorite band perform. An 8 hour drive… As we are having dinner in the hard rock, getting super pumped to see our band, the waitress informs us the concert has been canceled because the president was in town, staying in the hotel next door.

Needless to say we were crushed, and vowed never to step foot in Cleveland again.
Yet, the hard rock gods were conspiring to make sure I got a shot glass from the hated Cleveland.

So, I guess I will still have to make a trip to New Orleans to complete my collection.

3 TV shows I found on Netflix that I wish I watched when it was on cable.

3. Better off Ted

find here
Yes, I watched all the episodes in two days. And when I was teaching a summer course, i used this show to show different sociological concepts. They point it out so well.
I sometimes think this show was too high brow for the masses. It was a continuous spoof of the white collar world. Jaberwocky has to be the best episode ever. When I need a good laugh I still turn it on.

2. Numbers

find here
I started this show in love with Don Epps, I ended it in love with Colby Granger. I’m re watching the earlier episodes currently to try to figure out how I didn’t notice granger until the 4th season.
I don’t understand the math mostly, however I do understand when Megan talks! Overall I think this show showed me how math is actually used everyday (my teacher WAS right.) I mean I’m still not going to use it, but I can appreciate people who do.

1.The Finder

find here
I found this show interesting during the bones promo. I planned on watching it, but I think it came on while I was in class. Very sad it only got ONE season and there can be no more because RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. This show was awesome, all the actors/actresses should get their props. However, I am very mad about the ending… Like wtf happens?!

Did u know that once you are depended on technology, when u no longer have it your IQ drops?


I did fine in the prehistoric time without a GPS, laptop, and a cell phone. People have managed for thousands of years without current forms of technology. I survived my teen years with a problem.

Sometime just before I graduated college, my dad thought getting me a GPS was a good idea. I traveled a lot and would soon be going new places for my job. This was a helpful gift and I appreciated it.

Until it broke.

The first time I was living in Arizona and driving to Disneyland. I had picked my best friend up at the airport and we were traveling down the 10, carefree and not having a clue where I was going. All of a sudden my gps beeps and gives me a big FU. Ok, actually it was the F4 error. But close enough.
We had a meltdown and eventually had to pull over and call our parents in PA to look up directions.

Why we didn’t think we could just follow the Disneyland signs, I have no idea.

Anyway, my gps battery has needed to be changed for a week or so now. Finally did this weekend. You would think I would put it back in my car, of course not.

I decide to go out to a park near my new place. It included taking two roads to get there… TWO. I couldn’t find it. I had no GPS and no cell phone and I couldn’t find a park on a beautiful day. Fail.

Now I must go find my gps so I can get my IQ back to where it should be.