Product review: triscuit


I found these at a western Mass Price Chopper. I will be looking for them elsewhere! So good! They also had a red bean cracker.
130 calories for 6 crackers.


10 years after high school…

I graduated High School ten years ago. I would never go back. No way. I hated high school. However, there are things I do miss about that time in my life. Here are a few:

  1. A life without a cell phone: Believe it or not, back in my day we did not get a cell phone at birth. I was expected to call my mother when I got to a friend’s and I used the landline. I miss the days without a cell phone. Now, people expect to be able to get ahold of me at a moments notice.  And for some reason I am looked at as crazy that said cell phone is not glued to my hand. Actually… I don’t know where my phone is currently. Maybe I should look for it.
  2. My life was much more musical. 
    A few days ago, I tried to convince my work to have a musical staff meeting. I don’t think they were impressed. In high school I was in chorus, musical, band… Life was filled with music!  But, after high school and if you are lucky college, the musical life dies down. Yes, I still rock out in my car every now and again, yet it’s not the same as making sure I am singing from my diaphragm.
  3. I believed in Disney.
    Ok, I still kinda believe in Disney. However, I also see Disney for what it is.  I no longer want to be the ‘girl’ Disney sees as desirable. I’m not good at keeping quiet and cleaning. I wouldn’t give up everything for a man.  Sorry Disney-blame my education that made me see the light.
    And Beauty and Beast? There is so many things wrong with this love story. Kidnapped? Abused? Threaten? Yes, this is so romantic. Sign me up for the next enchanted beast out there.  I am sure I can change him with my ability to read and niceness. OK, it’s still my favorite.
  4. No Alcohol allowed: Sometimes I wish I could go back to a time where alcohol was not expected to have a good time. I do recognize at the time I couldn’t wait to be 21 because there is obviously nothing to do if you are under 21. However, I always had a good time-without the booze- and I can remember it to this day!
  5. Old Navy: I go into Old Navy now-a-days and can’t believe I ever liked their clothes.  I am not sure if their style changed, or I did.  Maybe a little bit of both. Old Navy use to be the cool brand, well at least the one I could afford with my part time job.  If I caught a good sale, I could sometimes afford the GAP! And I was so proud of myself for it.


Does anyone miss anything from high school?

Another t-shirt rug!


I have been obsessed with making t shirt yarn. I need more t-shirts! Never thought I would hear myself say that.

This is my 3rd rug. I have seen online people also making baskets out of the yarn, but I like the rugs better. They are easy to make, once you cut the t shirt.
The last one I made, out of my father’s work shirts, was tough. Cutting through the shirts was painful. Trying to do more than one a day would cause my hand to numb. It took me MONTHS to finish.

The t-shirts in this project were much better to cut and work with. I am not sure what the difference was. They must have been thinner or something.

Other than that, my life is so uneventful and predictable, I have nothing else to write about!

New Orleans… Wait I mean Cleveland sucks.

Where to begin?
I guess I’ll start at the end. My best friend went to New Orleans for a vacation while her husband was there for a conference. She asked if she could get me something. Usually I say no to these requests, but this time I asked for a Hard Rock Cafe shot glass. New Orleans is on my list of places to go, but lower on the list so I doubt I’ll get there. But I do collect Hard Rock Cafe stuff, mostly shot glasses.

I stopped by my friend’s house last night and she proudly gives me the hard rock shot glass in a box. I’m excited, I open it up… And go ‘ha ha, funny joke.’


She looks at me and asks ‘what?’ At this point I am thinking she gave me one of her husband’s shot glasses as a joke. I hand it over to her and she screams ‘WHAT! Are you f***ing kidding me?’ We then erupt into hysterics while she convinces me that no, this is no joke. she said she made a special trip to the hard rock to pick this up for me. She saw it on the shelf and picked one in the box, never thinking to check it. Because why would someone think there was a Cleveland shot glass in New Orleans?

The best part of this rambling post? This friend and I have a story about the Cleveland hard rock. We decided to drive there one weekend oh so many years ago to see our favorite band perform. An 8 hour drive… As we are having dinner in the hard rock, getting super pumped to see our band, the waitress informs us the concert has been canceled because the president was in town, staying in the hotel next door.

Needless to say we were crushed, and vowed never to step foot in Cleveland again.
Yet, the hard rock gods were conspiring to make sure I got a shot glass from the hated Cleveland.

So, I guess I will still have to make a trip to New Orleans to complete my collection.

3 TV shows I found on Netflix that I wish I watched when it was on cable.

3. Better off Ted

find here
Yes, I watched all the episodes in two days. And when I was teaching a summer course, i used this show to show different sociological concepts. They point it out so well.
I sometimes think this show was too high brow for the masses. It was a continuous spoof of the white collar world. Jaberwocky has to be the best episode ever. When I need a good laugh I still turn it on.

2. Numbers

find here
I started this show in love with Don Epps, I ended it in love with Colby Granger. I’m re watching the earlier episodes currently to try to figure out how I didn’t notice granger until the 4th season.
I don’t understand the math mostly, however I do understand when Megan talks! Overall I think this show showed me how math is actually used everyday (my teacher WAS right.) I mean I’m still not going to use it, but I can appreciate people who do.

1.The Finder

find here
I found this show interesting during the bones promo. I planned on watching it, but I think it came on while I was in class. Very sad it only got ONE season and there can be no more because RIP Michael Clarke Duncan. This show was awesome, all the actors/actresses should get their props. However, I am very mad about the ending… Like wtf happens?!

Did u know that once you are depended on technology, when u no longer have it your IQ drops?


I did fine in the prehistoric time without a GPS, laptop, and a cell phone. People have managed for thousands of years without current forms of technology. I survived my teen years with a problem.

Sometime just before I graduated college, my dad thought getting me a GPS was a good idea. I traveled a lot and would soon be going new places for my job. This was a helpful gift and I appreciated it.

Until it broke.

The first time I was living in Arizona and driving to Disneyland. I had picked my best friend up at the airport and we were traveling down the 10, carefree and not having a clue where I was going. All of a sudden my gps beeps and gives me a big FU. Ok, actually it was the F4 error. But close enough.
We had a meltdown and eventually had to pull over and call our parents in PA to look up directions.

Why we didn’t think we could just follow the Disneyland signs, I have no idea.

Anyway, my gps battery has needed to be changed for a week or so now. Finally did this weekend. You would think I would put it back in my car, of course not.

I decide to go out to a park near my new place. It included taking two roads to get there… TWO. I couldn’t find it. I had no GPS and no cell phone and I couldn’t find a park on a beautiful day. Fail.

Now I must go find my gps so I can get my IQ back to where it should be.

Product review- sauté express lemon pepper


Friday, when I was in the store, they were giving away samples of chicken in this butter. I usually pass on this stuff, but I broke the cardinal rule of eating before you go shopping. the chicken was so good, I bought the new product without a coupon!

Instead of chicken, I decided to use tofu. I know most people don’t like tofu, at least in my family. Sometimes I make stuff with tofu in it and don’t tell them. oops, did I say that out loud?
This time it isn’t for them, but for my weekly lunches.

The product is easy enough. It looks a mix between butter and bullion. All I had to do is throw it in a frying pan. I cubed the tofu and separate in two sections. I ended up using two squares just because I wanted each piece to be drenched in buttery goodness.

It looks a little weird when melting, but it all works out!


It was so yummy, I kept eating pieces out of the pan.

Highly recommend this product. It was easy and quick (it took longer to drain the tofu). You get 6 cubes for about $2.60. Each cube will sauté 2 chicken breasts. Great for a fast lunch or making something for later.