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Top 5 things that suck about applying for jobs


5. Everytime you see or talk to loved ones they ask how it is going. Have you found anything yet? Yes, and I just didn’t care enough to inform you that I got a job and moved across the state. And then, every time without fail, ‘I am sure something will come along soon. It will all work out.’ I know they mean well, but when I hear this, I want to bang my head against a wall. I still have hope that I will get a job, or else I would not be spending hours creating cover letters and searching. However, hearing from someone who has a job and can afford to put gas in their car, this makes me feel awful and belittled.

4. The hours of searching for maybe 2 or if I am really lucky 3 jobs that I am qualified for and stand a chance to get a interview.  The advice I have always gotten is to ‘just apply’, you never know. However, when a job description is asking for 7+ years of experience and I only have 2, it is a waste of time to apply for both me and the company. That time can be spent finding a job I am qualified for.

3. Creating custom resume and cover letters just to have a form to fill out with everything that is ALREADY covered in the resume and cover letter. Nothing makes me scream more, than uploading a cover letter and resume and preceding to the next page for a form on education, employment history, and references. Those applications take me over an hour to fill out when they probably only look at my resume anyway.

2. Not hearing back at all.  In my field, organizations move slow. As in beyond glacier slow. I have had interviews where someone in the company tells me, I may not hear back from them for months.  Usually, if I do not hear back after a month or two, I write off the application as uninterested.  I have applied to 75+ jobs since November. I have only heard about from maybe 10.  With leads me to #1…

1. Rejection letters! No one likes to be rejected. Although, I was super disappointed when I spent a good amount of time on an application only to be sent a rejection letter an hour later saying the job had been filled! Take it off the job search websites!!!


Thoughts on looking for a job

After having yet another interview today, I think about how much harder it is to find a job than I thought it would be. I have experience.  I have a Masters. I have good references.  I know what I am doing…

So, why can’t I find someone to hire me?  Is it because they want more experience? More education? Or is the economy that bad?

I have probably applied to over 50 jobs all over the east coast.  From Maine to North Carolina and out to Chicago. I have had 5 interviews.  Two jobs looked very promising (one told me off handedly that I would be offered a position they just weren’t sure which one).  Yet nothing. I have applied for things I am not even that interested in as a forever job just for something… for more experience.

I usually use two websites to find jobs- indeed.com and idealist.org.  I am looking for a non-profit job and these two have the biggest database of these type of jobs.   I have had no luck on CareerBuilder or monster.

And I guess it could be worse.  I could have no money coming in.  I do still have a TAing job through my school.  I get $23 a week.  Woohoo.  I keep hoping something will appear.