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Happy 4th of July!

This is by far my favorite holiday. Memorial Day is fun, but summer isn’t quite there yet. Labor Day equals the end of summer. The Fourth of July though… Oh the 4th! It is smack in the middle of heat and humidity. It means fire and hot dogs and Marconi salad!and now this I am over 21, it also means beer.

I was away the last few fourths, in Arizona. Fireworks there are not the same because they need to be safe fireworks due to the high risk of forest fires. Which I completely understand. However, that’s not how I grew up and every summer day I was away from the east coast, I desperately missed the colors in the sky and loud booms.

There is one tradition I have not missed, no matter where I was living. And that is watching Independence Day. You know the 1996 movie with Jeff goldblum and will smith?! Favorite movie ever. Know every single line.

Now it’s usually on TV, so I don’t have to even get out my DVD. But I can’t find it on any channel this year! What is up with that? I mean they just said they are coming out with a second one (what took them so long? It’s going to be 20 years…), shouldn’t they want to promote?
I’m disappointed that I seem to be the only one who still loves this movie. Now I have to go find my DVD so I can keep up my tradition.


It’s currently on A&E, it was not forgotten.