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Social Norms and the Single Woman

At work I have been writing about Social Norms. For some reason, I get gleeful looking up disrupting social norms.  Like the video where the girl wears a prom dress to work out. It’s sociology at it’s finest.

I don’t think I run around breaking norms all the time. I stand the correct way in the elevator and eat turkey on Thanksgiving. I merge the Jersey way. I follow the norms pretty damn well.

Then, I start to think. Wait… I am single and the norm dictates I should be coupled or actively looking. I should be lonely.

I told my mom, “I think I am happier being single.”

“It’s just because you haven’t found the right man yet.”

This isn’t the first time I have heard this line. I don’t want kids, have never wanted my own kids. I have always been open to this fact.  You know what I get told?

Yup. “It’s just because you haven’t found the right man yet.” Yes, I am going to meet someone who is going to give me a complete personality transplant so I can be in the norm!

Single Woman social norms:

  • Always be on the lookout for a potential mate. He could be your best friend’s husband’s cousin or some random dude behind a bush.
  • Hear your biological clock tick. Personally, I can’t wait until mine shuts up. I thought I bought the cheap clock battery.
  • Gracefully deal with the ‘looks’ from your friends who are not single. Even when they are arguing with their significant other in front of you.
  • Try not to groan when your family asks you if you are dating anyone. “No, I just haven’t met the right one yet. Maybe I need to move across the country again.”
  • Go places alone and look miserable. Darn, if I was dating I could be sitting here at Barnes and Nobles being interrupted while I am trying to read my book. Poor me. My life is worthless.
  • Know all to take out a Zombie, because when it is time, you will obviously have no one to watch your back.